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Hope Mkunte, Digital Communications Expert

Hope Mkunte is the Digital Communications expert on the Mineral Production Monitoring Project. He manages the projects Social Media pages, creates content for the website and also handles part of the traditional and online public relations.

Before joining the project, Hope worked for the Post Newspapers for two years as a Sub Editor and Features Writer. He also hosted the breakast show on Radio Macha in Choma for three years where he wrote and read the news bulletin.

His post-journalism work includes managing the Facebook and Instagram page of PicknPay Zambia, helping draft a communications plan for WWF, freelancing for several magazines and doing public relations for clients through his Hope Public Relations firm.

Hope started his career as a blogger in 2007 and went on to study Radio Broadcasting at Intec College in Cape Town before he studied Music and Arts Journalism and Sub Editing and Design at the London School of Journalism.

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