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Consortium Partners

The European Union

The European Union Delegation to Zambia is responsible for managing official relations between the European Union (EU) and Zambia, and with COMESA.

Building on more than 40 years of relations, the Delegation works together with the Member States of the European Union, to further strengthen and improve the excellent relations which exist between the European Union and its partners.

The EU Delegation works closely with member states’ Embassies in Zambia and is fully involved in the coordination with the Cooperating Partners represented in Zambia and in political dialogue with the Government of Zambia and COMESA.

The Ministry of Mines and Minerals Development

The Ministry of Mines and Minerals Development (or ‘MMMD’) is responsible for the promotion, monitoring and regulation of the development mining industry for the benefit of the people of Zambia.

The Ministry was recently restructured to constitute six Departments, namely: Human Resources and Administration, Planning and Information, Mines Development, Geological Survey, Mining Cadastre and Mines Safety.  (However, the newly created departments, Mining Cadastre and Planning and Information are not yet fully operational.) Apart from Mines Safety Department which is located in Kitwe, the rest of the departments are located in Lusaka.

Adam Smith International

Adam Smith International is the lead contractor in a consortium of partners implementing the Mineral Production Monitoring Support Project (‘MPMSP’) in Zambia.

Well-managed natural resource investment can deliver a transformative impact on a host country, catalysing economic growth, equitable development, and sustainable poverty reduction.

Adam Smith International (‘ASI’) is a leading international authority on the governance and development of the oil, gas and mining industries in the developing world, with more than 10 years of experience in over 40 countries. Visit Adam Smith International online by clicking here and learn more.

PMTC Zambia

 PMTC (Zambia) Limited is a leading project management and training consultancy based in Lusaka, but with operational experience throughout Southern Africa.

The company is recognised as a market leader in the planning, implementation and evaluation of development projects, as well as in strengthening both public and private sector institutions through participatory training for all levels of staff and the communities in which they operate.

Revenue Development Foundation

The Revenue Development Foundation (RDF) is a non-profit consultancy supporting governments to efficiently manage and increase their domestic revenues. The foundation provides advisory services and technical solutions to governments in low-income countries focused on improving revenues from legitimate sources such as natural resources and property taxes.

The Foundation firmly believes that governments able to manage and mobilize their own revenue will be better able to lead their own development process in a sustainable manner, strengthen democratic pressure on government accountability, as well as reducing aid dependency.


Ecorys is an international company providing research, consultancy and management services. It specialise in economic, social and spatial development and aims to deliver real benefit to society through the work we do. It is  one of the oldest research and consulting companies in Europe.

It values its independence, integrity and partnerships and cares about the environment that it works and live in. It has an active CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) programme, which centres around creating shared value that benefits society and business and which is a joint effort by company and staff.