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About the Mineral Production Monitoring Support Project

Consortium 3The Mineral Production Monitoring Support Programme (also known as ‘MPMSP’) to the Ministry of Mines and Minerals Development is located in the context of a broader European Union Delegation programme to strengthen economic governance in Zambia.

The objective of the MPMSP is “to strengthen the ability of the Ministry of Mines and Minerals Development (‘MMMD’) to fulfill its mandate as mining authority to monitor effectively mining activities and mineral production in Zambia, and to share this information with other relevant Government of Zambia agencies to increase domestic revenue mobilisation.”  The European Union has allocated funding of EUR4,69 million to the project, which is expected to conclude in 2018.

The MPMSP has seven work components focusing on themes such as enhancing reporting systems, building human capacity and procuring modern equipment to enhance the Ministry’s technical capabilities. The project officially commenced in January 2015, and since its inception a comprehensive needs assessment was undertaken and delivered;brand new specialised laboratory equipment has been delivered to the MMMD, and the modernisation and digitalisation of the Ministry’s reporting systems is well underway.

Over the course of its implementation (2015 to 2018), the Mineral Production Monitoring Support Project is seeking to deliver results and make a particular impact. What are these expected results, and what has been achieved to date? Read more here

A consortium led by Adam Smith International, Ecorys, in partnership with the Revenue Development Foundation (RDF), Ecorys (UK) and its subsidiary PMTC (Zambia) Ltd., has been awarded a contract to implement the Project. Visit our Partners page to learn more about the consortium.

The project is hosted inside and directly supported by the Ministry of Mines and Minerals Development. Two in-country  ‘Key Experts’ from Adam Smith International  – Ron Smith and Michel Chapeyroux – lead the project, bringing with them many years of project management experience. They are supported by a range of experts who provide specialised inputs into the project. Visit out Project Team page to learn more about the team.

MVCMP logoThe project works closely with Mineral Value Chain Monitoring Project whose aim (MVCMP) is to design and implement a multi-institutional, multi-purpose and multi-stakeholder system for monitoring of the country’s mineral value chain from exploration to export.

The MVCMP also serves as a tool in development of Zambia’s National Statistical System in that it aims to improve the quality and availability of administrative registers that can be used in production of official statistics pertaining to the mining sector. Visit their website here.