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    • GSD gem testing goes mobile

      The travel lab comes with all the equipment we need to go and test gemstones in the field. Read More

    • Why the Ministry of Mines decided to start issuing gold panning certificates

      The Ministry of Mines has started issuing gold panning certificates. Read More

    • 2016 Project Milestones

      2016 a big year for the project with a number of milestones reached – we are looking forward to delivering further results in 2017. Some of our highlights for 2016 include: Read More

    • Zambia's Copper

      Zambia is richly endowed with minerals including copper, coal, cobalt, gold, manganese and gemstones. The mining sector through copper is the backbone of the economy. Read More

    • Journey of Zambia's Copper

      Zambia’s copper goes through a lot of processes from the time it is mined to the time is is exported. Follow this link to see this amazing journey of copper.

    • Unveiling of Laboratory Equipment

      On the 5th of October the Ministry of Mines and Minerals Development (‘MMMD’) unveiled brand new modernised European Union-funded laboratory equipment to help monitor mineral production from Zambia. Read more

    • Expected Project Results

      Over the course of its implementation (2015 to 2018), the Mineral Production Monitoring Support Project is seeking to deliver results and make a particular impact. What are these expected results, and what has been achieved to date? Read more here


EU LogoThe Mineral Production Monitoring Support Project (also known as ‘MPMSP’) to the Ministry of Mines and Minerals Development is located in the context of a broader European Union Delegation programme to strengthen economic governance in Zambia.

The objective of the MPMSP is to strengthen the ability of the Ministry of Mines and Minerals Development (‘MMMD’) to fulfill its mandate as mining authority to monitor effectively mining activities and mineral production in Zambia, and to share this information with other relevant Government of Zambia agencies to increase domestic revenue mobilisation. The European Union has allocated funding of EUR4,69 million to the project, which is expected to conclude in 2018.